LEC 2021 Hype or Wipe?: The SK Gaming “Miracle Run”

Will SK Gaming be able to pull off a “Miracle Run” push into the LEC playoffs?

Team SK has recently become the talk of the LEC with a lot of talk around them making a miracle run towards the playoffs. While it’s an extremely farfetched idea the excellence we’ve seen from them as of recent is enough to make anyone believe that SK is destined for greatness. With only two weeks left in the Summer Split it’ll be a tall task but maybe they’ve finally pieced together the puzzle and can now be considered a serious threat in the LEC.

SK Gaming currently sits at 4-9 starting off their week 6 with a dominant 2-0 showing against Mad Lions and Excel. For the first time, SK has looked like they’re a cut above the rest of the competition. Their game versus Mad Lions was a snowball victory off the back of some insane unkillable Mundo. But their game versus Excel was incredibly close until some great plays by SK allowed them to steamroll to the finish.

While this newfound success is refreshing to see and is shaping out to be the feel-good story of the LEC, it’s important that we quell our expectations. The LEC standing is really close but they’ll also be banking on the Astralis, Vitality, and EXCEL having a rough two weeks so they can move up the standings. If we’re talking strength of schedule SK has one of the hardest series of games of all the teams left. Four of their last five games are against top four teams so it’s safe to say that the pressure is on.

SK Gaming has a long history of success in the LEC but the chances of this miracle run actually happening is slim to none, so this is definitely a wipe. It’ll be a pleasant surprise if they can defy all the odds but it isn’t very likely we’ll be seeing that happen this year.