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Durable Faux Microfiber PU Leather for Car Seat Cover

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Comfortable feels, same as natural leather, make your seats and interior very comfortable.

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Composition of Microfiber Leather:

Microfiber leather is a comprehensive performance is better: microfiber leather appearance quality realistic, good elasticity, soft texture as well as beautiful texture, also has a cold, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and aging resistance and other excellent quality. In addition also has good air permeability, while anti-fog performance is also under the excellent points. Previously in the use of PU leather, in order to ensure breathable, often need to be solved by punching, but this will destroy the strength of the synthetic, and easy to use deformation and reduce the service life. The use of microfiber leather is not to destroy the premise of the leather to do the same or even more excellent comfort.

Advantage of Microfiber Leather:

1. Easy to clean and good care. Microfiber leather surface with PU coating, the organization is similar to natural leather, waterproof and stain resistant, stains with a wet towel or wet paper towel a wipe that off.

2. Wear-resistant, high tensile strength. Compared with PVC leather, microfiber leather used for car seats or other parts of car interiors has higher wear resistance, high tear and tensile strength.

3. Good breathability and aging resistance. microfiber automotive leather produced by Bensen has a similar structure to natural leather, almost the same as natural leather in terms of breathability, in terms of aging resistance microfiber leather is better and has a longer service life.

4. Cold resistance, comfortable hand feeling. Microfiber leather also has very good cold resistance, in touch with microfiber leather, can feel its soft and comfortable touch.

5. The fastness of microfiber is not comparable with natural leather. Microfiber room temperature bending can reach 200,000 times without cracks, low temperature bending 30,000 times without cracks.

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