League of Legends: the Louis Vuitton collection is fantastic and expensive

True Damage Qiyana. League of Legends.

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After Riot and Louis Vuitton struck gold on their collaboration for Qiyana skin, the fashion icon has released their first League of Legends collection.

Just a month ago, we were gushing over the Prestige Qiyana skin designed by Louis Vuitton. Now, the high-end fashion designer has revealed their official League of Legends collection and it looks fabulous…and expensive.

Today, Louis Vuitton revealed their League of Legends collection, which seems to be in the same general design aesthetic as the Qiyana skin they designed. The collection offers everything from a hooded parka to joggers to a reversible belt and boots.

There’s not a lot of League of Legends branding that is evident from looking at the pieces, although the Tambour Horizon monogram brown watch does have a design very similar to Qiyana’s weapon. They’re all modeled after a sort of zebra stripe with some blue and tan stripes mixed in with the white.

There are products for everyone, from a short sleeve dress to a “bumbag” (which is just a fancy word for fanny pack), but none of it comes cheap. That “bumbag” runs almost $1,900, while the short sleeve dress is almost $2,300. The piece of clothing that I think most players would be interested in, the zip-up hoodie, runs over $2,400.

Clearly, these pieces are not aimed at the average League of Legends player, but are more designed for the typical Louis Vuitton clientele. My girlfriend, who is easily more fashionable than me, had a much stronger reaction to these pieces on her first glance than I did, even though she knows nothing about the game.