2022 LCS Playoffs: Looking Ahead to Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

I feel as though many people are overhyping this series and giving Evil Geniuses an unwarranted pass simply because they pushed Team Liquid to five games last time around. Well, I feel as though everyone has been down on TL lately given their latest L to 100 Thieves but the superteam remains my pick to win the split this year. But as per usual, the League of Legends community’s narrow-mindedness and resulting idiocy, is something that catches me off guard every time – even if it shouldn’t by now…

Taking Down the MVP

Evil Geniuses copy 100T’s homework successfully against Cloud9, drafting Nocturne comps and perma-diving Summit over and over again to sweep C9 off the race for MSI. It did help that Summit was playing like a petulant Silver player who got roasted by one of his teammates in SoloQ and just get dying over and over again; the man must have been booking his flight back to Korea, he had a lot of time to do so given how long he spent being dead that entire series. The young NA carries of EG were particularly good this series, with Jojopyun even picking up Series MVP for his good play across all three games. They definitely look better since the last time they played Team Liquid, but I doubt it matters…

They Wanna See Me Loose

It’s crazy how quickly people turn on the 1st place team. A couple of teams take them to five games and now suddenly the consensus from the League community seems to be that Team Liquid will go out in third place. They still have the best well-rounded game out of the remaining top 3 teams and, if it weren’t for a miracle fight where Huhi was hidden in vision as his team was getting collapsed on, Team Liquid win that series against 100T. They were absolutely destroying the reigning champs with a scaling comp in the early game and it took a miracle flank and Leona E’s BS hitbox to bring the game back for 100T.

TL in 4.