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Factory Price Suede Microfiber Leather for Car Interior Modification

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Suede microfiber leather is a type of leather made with a surface nap of small, raised fibers that are soft to the touch. And it is very easy to color and is often dyed in a variety of colors. Suede is used for a variety of leather products, including car interiors, etc.

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Introduction of Suede Microfiber Leather

Suede microfiber leather, also known as super fine denier. (Denier is the fiber denier unit, a gram weight 9000 meters long silk denier, silk denier unit is 1.1). Because it is finer than the traditional fiber, it is more fluffy and soft than the general fiber, and could overcome the natural fiber is easy to wrinkle, artificial fiber is not breathable shortcomings. In addition, it also has warm, no mold, no insect, light weight, waterproof and many other irreplaceable excellent characteristics. Microfiber synthetic suede leather monofilament bending stiffness is low, coupled with the structure of multiple monofilaments, so that the microfiber suede fabric has excellent drapability, soft hand. Bensen faux suede leather can use microfiber faux leather to form a very tight fabric, so that its functionality is improved, waterproof, windproof, moisture permeability, heat insulation, with a silk-like appearance, soft luster.

Feature of Suede Microfiber Leather

asdadadDurable and lightweight

Suede microfiber leather is a very durable and tough fabric compared to cloth fabrics. The lightweight nature of faux suede leather gives it a beautiful, sophisticated drape.

asdadadSmooth appearance

Suede leather fabric is very soft, and its smooth nap gives it an appealing fabric texture.

asdadadSoft hand feeling

Suede microfiber leather is a very flexible leather, it can be easily molded into car accessories, such as steering wheel cover, car control panel, etc., more because of its soft touch, loved by car owners.


Since suede microfiber is a special form of leather, Bensen has added a unique process that allows this material to last longer.

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