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Microfiber Suede Leather Material with Competitive Price for Auto Interior

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The polyester microfiber produced by Bensen has a feel similar to that of tumbled leather, but is not real leather, but a microfiber synthetic leather.

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Introduction of Microfiber Suede Leather

Polyester microfiber, also known as superfine denier. (Denier is the unit of fiber fibre, one gram of 9000 meters long silk is a denier, the fibre unit of silk is 1.1 denier). Because it is finer than traditional fibers, it is fluffier and softer to the touch than ordinary fibers, and can overcome the shortcomings of natural fibers that are easily wrinkled and man-made fibers that are not breathable. Polyester microfiber uses ultra-fine fibers to form a very tight fabric, thus improving its functionality, waterproof, windproof, moisture permeability, heat insulation, with a silk-like appearance and soft luster.

Use of Microfiber Suede Leather

l  Steering Wheel

l  Auto interior panels

l  Car Seats

l  Car roofing

l  Automotive door panels


Q1. Can I get the free samples?

A1. Yes, 1 yard of FREE SAMPLES are available, we appreciated for your understanding that the freight charge will be collected.


Q2. Which side of the market do you work on?

A2. Europe and America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc


Q3. What is the payment term of your company?

A3. The payment term for new customer is T/T 50% deposit and balance before shipment or L/C at sight. We can discuss better payment term after several orders in good cooperation.


Q4. Do you have MOQ for the color shown in the link?

A4. No MOQ for the regular stock available items, you can order per your requested quantities. For customized color material there will be a 300 yards MOQ.

Product Application Picture

Microfiber Suede Leather 1
Microfiber Suede Leather 2
Microfiber Suede Leather 3

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