League set to merge Influence Points into Blue Essence

Developers have confirmed that Influence Points in League of Legends will eventually be merged into Blue Essence.

For years now, Influence Points were the free currency used in League of Legends that could be used to unlock champions and certain icons during special events. All that is about to change once the preseason arrives.

As per developers Bubobubo and Riot Cactopus, Influence Points will be merged with Blue Essence. IP will be gone and the new free currency will be just Blue Essence as it’ll be used for everything just like before.

This is the first part of making the leveling experience in League of Legends more of a seamless experience. It will be a system that encourages leveling up to earn Loot, rewards, and a good amount of Blue Essence as Summoners get used to various champions and roles. This will undoubtedly help new gamers right from the start as they get used to the game.

Putting everything into Blue Essence now makes things easier for players to use it on champions they actually want. Instead of getting champion shards to disenchant, that feature will be gone and you’d receive Blue Essence instead.

It makes things simplified and more streamlined so if you enjoy a particular style of game play or even the look of a champion, you’re free to collect Blue Essence and use it on them. This is leaps and bounds better than getting a random champion shard of a character you’d never play and end up breaking it down for Blue Essence anyway.

The goal is to make things faster and more efficient when it comes to loot and earning the currency to unlock champions of your choosing. It’s a smart way to accomplish this as developers got it right to put everything into Blue Essence for the overall benefit of playing for exactly what Summoners want in the game.